Does SEO Really Work For Junk Removal?

Does SEO really work for the junk removal and dumpster rental business?

If you are in the business, then you know getting customers is the lifeblood of your business. In an ever-growing and competitive marketplace, getting your business name and service out there is tough. 

There are, of course, things that you can use to get some folks that don’t know who you are to start giving you a call.  You can always use Google ads. That can get you some quick clicks to your website and requests for junk hauling. 

Problem is, it gets expensive… quick!

Oh, and let’s not ignore the fact that there is a lot of your competition starting to figure out how to use these Google ads themselves.

What’s that do to costs?

Prices go up even more.

You also have crappy services like Yelp, Home Advisor, and Angie’s List. So-called lead-generating services out there that basically sell one lead to seven different companies.

This leaves you with yet another option.


For those of you guys that don’t know what SEO is,  it’s very simple.  It stands for search engine optimization. In other words, it stands for optimizing your website to work better with the search engines. 

Fixing up your website, fine tuning it, so it ranks better on search engine. Preferably, Google’s search engine.

The whole idea behind search engine optimization for a junk removal business is to get your business found organically on Google without having to pay Google ads or any other costs. 

The idea goes something like this;

A person living in your area gets up one morning, goes into his or her garage to get out a tool they need to fix something around the house. They’ve been meaning to clean out their garage for the past 6 months. That thought has crossed their mind many times. They know they need to get to it and get it done. For one reason or another, they just keep putting it off. 

Junk Removal Customer

Well, it is this particular morning that things change.

As they get in there, they find an obstacle course of things that they need to move through just to get that tool they need. They have to move boxes. They rearrange things to make a small path.  They jump over Christmas decorations. Irritation and frustration kick in. They bang their knee on something and that really makes them angry. 

It is at that moment that they have had it!

They pull out their smartphone and type in “junk removal near me” or “Junk removal company” or  “junk hauling services”. After seeing the results that show up on their smartphone, they call one of those companies and schedule a garage clean out.

Now, guess what?

If your business was not on there?

Well, they didn’t  to call you.

Does SEO For Junk Removal Work

So, Does Search Engine Optimization Really Work For Junk Removal?

I will break down a quick little example here for you and show you that it does indeed help.

Let’s say you own a junk removal or dumpster rental company in a very large populated area. An area with a large 200,000 population or more. 

In the outskirts of your area, there are several smaller populated cities that also call junk haulers to get rid of their stuff. 

What if you used SEO in a smaller area to get found organically online? 

That’s exactly what I did for a junk removal company that services a lot of areas.

We aimed for a small town called Oakdale, California. It’s a small area and only has about 20,000 people living there. We set up a website and Google listing in that area and used SEO to get that website and listing found.

Junk Removal SEO Example

The results?

Take a look…

We average about 15/20 calls a month from that website and listing with ZERO spent on ads in the area. 

Let’s say half those numbers are trash and are just spam calls and people trying to sell you something. You still have 7/10 calls for some profitable junk removals!

Does SEO really work for a business like junk removal or dumpster rentals? 

Those calls in a tiny town should speak for themselves.

Phone Calls For Junk Removal

Now, try to imagine your business listed and found in your densely populated area.

Imagine the number of phone calls in those areas?

Well, I have helped many junk removal business owners as well as other small business owners with SEO. I make them see and understand and answer the question, “does search engine optimization really work?”  

SEO really does work to get your business in front of people that don’t know that you exist. It is a brilliant strategy to use. 

However, there are literally hundreds and hundreds of digital marketing agencies out there hounding, calling, emailing, DM’ing, business is just like yours on how they can do all this SEO work for you.

They understand that business owners like you are starting to research and understand search engine optimization.  They realize business owners like you are doing some research.

A lot of these digital marketing agencies will promise you the world. They’ll make huge promises to get your business found and get you listed #1 on Google.  Oh, and don’t think they ain’t going to charge you a hefty price for doing just that. 

They most certainly will.

There are agencies out there that will charge $1,000 per month for search engine optimization.

Then, you got those foreign companies that will charge as low as $100 per month for search engine optimization.

And honestly, a lot of those service don’t end up doing a thing to help your business get found online. 

A lot, are just plain rip-offs!

It really comes down to you understanding some of the basics of SEO.

It ain’t all that difficult. 

Most SEO starts with a great foundation. It all begins with a great website built following all of rules that Google likes to see on a website.

I am here to show you that  50% or more of all of your SEO will come from your actual website design. And no, I am not talking about the graphics and how cool it looks or anything like that.

I’m talking about the fundamentals of what Google’s search engine is actually looking for in every website it indexes and ranks online. I followed these rules specifically to get that website in Oakdale, CA to rank on Google. 

Does SEO Really Work For Small Businesses Like Junk Removal?

Only If You Follow These 5 Rules

Googles search crawlers and algorithms are working 24/7 and 365 days a year to index (find useful websites), file, and rank websites. There are the key things that it looks for in order to start to understand what a website is offering. The better job you do of giving it what it wants and looks for, the better chances you’ll have of getting your website found on Google. 

Here are the five most important things Google is looking for on a website.

  1. The Title Tag
  2. The Meta Description
  3. H1 title tag
  4. H2 title tags
  5. Good Original and Authoritative Content
  6. (Bonus) It’s looking at the age of the domain name as well.


And here’s a quick breakdown of that exact website that follows all of those rules and is generating calls for junk removal services.

Number 1 And Number 2 - The Title Tag An Meta Description

When you are in the junk removal business your keywords are pretty easy to figure out.  We are going to be your city’s name along with the words “junk removal”. In this example it’s Oakdale Junk Removal 

That are pretty much the main keyword you want to rank for. 

For that reason alone,  you must include those keywords in your title tag. You will also have to add it to the meta description.

This is a super simple thing anyone can do right now in less than 5 minutes.

Proper SEO For Junk Removal

Number 3 - The H1 Title Tage

Think back to when you were in high school or middle school. And you had to do a book report or write a paper.

Once you completed your project you turned it in and handed it over to your teacher.

On the front of that report was the title of your paper. If that title was not on there your teacher would have no idea what that entire paper was going to be about.

Google’s crawlers in the algorithm are always looking 4 the title of a website. The way that it reads it is by reading a small piece of code called the H1 title tag. Just about every single website builder has this option on it. You make sure that your H1 title tag includes your main keyword.

Number 4 And Number 5 - The H2 Title Tags & Good Content

As you skim through most websites you’ll notice that often it is broken up into sections.  These sections are broken up by smaller, subheadings.  These are called H2 title tags.

These till Google’s search crawlers in the algorithm that the content on this website supports the title of the website.

Andy’s H2 title tags it is wise to add variations of your main keywords. 

This keeps confirming to Google what your website is all about.

The final part of it is adding a good amount of, well-written,  and informative content.

Great SEO

At the end of the day, what is a search engine like Google?

All it really is is information.

So, you might as well give it what it wants.  When you write your content about junk removal services in your area you are naturally going to add all of the additional keywords that you will need in order to rank for those words.

You will naturally talk about,  junk hauling,  commercial junk removal,  appliance removal,  yard waste removal,  property clean outs,  and things like that.  By adding words like this into your content,  with time you will be found for such those types of search terms.

If you are trying to rank a website in a very small City this is pretty much all you’re going to need.  All you have to do it’s pretty much sit back and wait for it to rank on its own.

However,  if you are trying to build an authoritative website that will rank in the larger area with a lot more competition,  you will need to do more.

But in this post, I just wanted to share the absolute basics of SEO and how easy it can be for anyone to do this for themselves. Do it correctly and you will indeed answer your own question, “Does SEO really work?”

You bet it does.

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