About DIY Junk Removal SEO

So, why create this website?

Well, I have been in digital marketing, online marketing, and SEO service for over 5 years. Over the years I have seen a lot of changes in the industry.

One of those was seeing how much and how often local business owners, like junk removal business owners, get contacted by digital marketing agencies on a daily basis. 

Many of those agencies offer terrible services and are very often extremely expensive services. 

I have seen junk removal companies charged $300, $500, and even as high as $1,500 a month for SEO services!

The crazy thing is, SEO and doing it yourself isn’t all that difficult. 

If a lifelong truck driver like myself learned and mastered this skill, why can’t a local junk removal business owner do it too?

Why pay an agency $5,000 to $15,000 a year for something they can set up and do for themselves in like in no time at all? 

For this reason, I built this website and my DIY Junk Removal SEO Training Course. 

Junk Removal SEO

My Mission

My Logo

My goal with this website and my services is to teach junk removal business owners how to do their own SEO on their websites to help them grow their businesses. 

Who Runs This Site

Israel Saucedo

My name is Israel Saucedo, but almost everyone just calls me Izzy. I am an SEO expert that used to sell my services but now teaches others how to do SEO themselves & save thousands of dollars.